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Born and bred on the Italian island of Sicily, Papi came to Australia for a Summer holiday and was almost immediately taken aback by a gaping hole in the market. “Mama Mia!”, Papi exclaimed to his beloved Pistachio Mami, “They’re living downunder without pistachio spread. This cannot be?”

Papi caught the first flight back to Sicily and called an urgent family meeting. Together, with the help of his townfolk, a plan was hatched to bottle the green, god-like goodness of his homeland and bring it to Australia. His beloved Australian friends would no longer need to live without the sweetness only Papi’s Italian pistachios could bring.

Pistachio Papi is 100% Italian made, with Papi’s obsession with perfection ensuring each and every nut has the Papi kiss of approval. Take Pistachio Papi home today and introduce him to your Mama (she’ll love him too 😉).